Walter Ego and Dirt biking in the desert.

Normally people think of me as some slacker climber, but when Walter Ego is in the house…things are…. well…things seem different.  A:  There is usually an Air Guitar party scheduled or B:  It’s time to go dirt bike riding.   Dirt biking has become my latest reason for waking up in the morning.  Recently loaded up the minivan with the dirt bike and headed to Utah to enjoy some sandy rocky trails.  It was not as warm and or sunny as I’d have liked, but after some time spent searching, found some great riding with a good friend.  Met my buddy Curtis Love there and that always means there is gunna be a good time.  Everyone should be so lucky.

If you think mini vans are not “cool”  just to add a hitch and a dirt bike.  Mini vans are cruising, cross country, highway eating machines!  Take out the mini recliners in the back..put in a bunk and they are great for winter trips to the desert.  We are looking into the 3.5″ lift kit for the Sienna though.  Even Cheryl is psyched about it.  Crank up the Punk Rock and get going!!!!

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