Exercise Inspiration in the Black Hills!

New Shoes

After breaking my big toe, it has been months since I have gone out for a run. The Black Hills of South Dakota is an amazing place to get outdoors and exercise. There is a great variety of trails to choose from as well as thousands of miles of Forest Service roads.  If you are looking for something smoother, the Mickelson Trail even has a nice paved section here in Custer, SD.

Photo of man running in the snow in south dakota.


With snow predicted, I needed a little inspiration to get outside and run, so I stopped into Granite Sports in Hill City, SD yesterday for some new running shoes. BEWARE: The sales staff there are so awesome, and they have such cool stuff for sale that I ended up walking out with 2 pairs of shoes.  Plus the Yaktracks for grip on the ice this winter.

Today I selected the Salomon SpeedCross 5 for getting back outdoors running and getting my cardio back into condition. These sexy black kicks did not disappoint and worked great for the fresh snow. The lugged sole on this model is super inspiring in the mud and slush. For the ice however, I was psyched to have the Yaktrax. Beware though, the puddles are not all frozen solid. So today at least, Gortex shoes would have been nice as I am not yet up to “walking on water” speed. I did not have the heart to record my pace, but in looking at the tracks in the snow, my stride was pretty short.  Good to be outside though.  Sitting on the couch usually doesn’t make me stronger, but some sunshine…even if it is filtered by the clouds, usually makes me happier. 

The Great toe is healing up nicely I think, but still rather swollen so the right and left shoes fit very differently and the swelled up toe did not lay in the footbed as well at the other foot.  Once the swelling goes down, I expect things will be perfect.


Salomon Speedcross 5 Review.

Even with the swollen big toe, I was totally blown away that the Speedcross5 had so much room in the toe box. It looks like a super narrow shoe when you pick it up, but when you put your foot into it, its like there is a secret door that opens up down there. It hugs your foot just right and had plenty of space in the toe box. Thus, as soon as I slid into them I knew I’d be buying a pair.

My only dislike so far is the lack of a pull loop on the heal to help slide in. I have a kinda fat tall foot with a high arch, so a little something to pull on helps me getting in and out of shoes and boots.  My feet seem like they continue to get farther away as I am less flexible every year so a pull tab is something I really like to have. Perhaps my next adventure should be a Yoga class.

Perhaps next time I go to Granite Sports I’ll have to invest in a pair of those cool new AfterShokz that Pat has been raving about.  My old yellow wireless earbuds are kinda crappy sometimes and the AfterShokz sound pretty good when I tried them on at the shop.


The Black Hills National Forest is a great place to get out and enjoy a jog on the Forest Service Roads.

Photo of Salomon Speedcross5 with yaktrax Diamond Grip installed on tread.


The Yaktrax Diamond Grip fit well on the Saloman Speedcross 5. I had no problem with grip and they felt natural to run in.

photo of Salomon Speedcross 5 tread.


Salomon Speedcross 5 tread without Yaktrax.


Favorite thing about exercise is a bunch to break my fast for the day. Eggs, spinach, broccoli, bacon, avocado, and hot sauce makes me happy.