Climbing Course Options

Discover Climbing Adventure

Do something you maybe never imagined you could.  During this 3-4 hour adventure, our climbing guides will meet you in Custer State Park, set you up with all the needed climbing equipment.  Then we’ll hike about 10 minutes out behind Sylvan Lake,  to enjoy some great top rope rock climbing.

Our Discover Climbing Adventure is a great first experience climbing on real rocks.  We explain the basics of climbing movement and have ropes for various levels of climbers set up.  Discover Climbing gets you out and up on the rocks, but doesn’t bog you down with a lot of skills and details to learn.  We do intend for you to learn to belay in order to get the most out of the course.  There is no rappelling in this course.  Climbers are lowered back to the ground by their belayers after reaching the top.

The cool thing about climbing here in the Black Hills is that most of the strength you use comes from stepping, standing and trusting your feet.  You don’t have to be able to do a single pull up to have fun out climbing the rocks!

This is our group course so expect to be out with other groups and families.

Ages 5 and up with a participating adult.

All needed climbing gear included.


Price:  $96 per person when booking for 2 or more .   Solo = $120 and can be booked only when we already have a course scheduled.

Classes generally start at 8am and meet at the Sylvan Lake General Store in Custer State Park.

Call (605)484-7585 to set up your adventure, or click on the BOOK NOW tab above

A private course for kids, beginners, and skilled rock climbers.

If you have never been on the rocks before, we introduce basic skills needed to work with a guide and climb at your ability level.  Our goal is to do some top rope climbing, and then you will belay your guide while they lead you to some summits and learn to rappel back to the ground.

For Experienced climbers, the 6 Hour Rock Day is a great way to taste what the Black Hills has to offer.  We will climb at your level.

What we do in this course is up to you.  If you want to spend all your time with us learning how to build climbing anchors using traditional climbing gear, we can do that.  If you want to just climb like crazy and bag the maximum number of summits, we can do that too.

Ages 5 and up with adult participation.

All needed climbing gear included.


One person$300
Group of 2$198 per person
Group of 3$185 per person
Group of 4$170 per person

Call (605)484-7585 to set up your adventure, or click on the BOOK NOW tab above.

6 Hour Rock Day
8 Hour Guide Day

8 hours with a guide, climbing at your ability level or learning skills you need to climb on your own.  This is a personalized course suitable for beginners and skilled rock climbers.  Guides will select routes to match your ability or desire to master skills while climbing at Devils Tower, Custer State Park or Mount Rushmore.

The Black Hills climbing areas are full of awesome views and great routes.  We can put together a custom course for one or many days of climbing while building skills or just climbing lots of the great classic climbs of the area.

  • Receive personalized instruction from experienced rock climbing guides.
  • Develop skills such as lead climbing or self rescue.
  • Climb more summits.



Climbing Location:Custer State Park or Mt. RushmoreDevils Tower non-summit
One person$360$500
Group of 2$260 per person$350 per person
Group of 3$225 per person$315 per person

Mount Rushmore Rock Climbing

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is 1,278 acres of granite, trees and carvings.  Most visitors walk up to view the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln without realizing that the rock climbing in the National Memorial is awesome.

You can schedule a 6 Hour Rock Day or 8 Hour Guide Day there, but we do not offer Discover Climbing Courses at Mount Rushmore.  The climbing at Mount Rushmore is perfect for a 2nd day with us, after exploring the Needles of Custer State Park.  The climbing at Mount Rushmore tends to be a little more difficult so for a first day of climbing we recommend the Needles of Custer State Park.  In general CSP has a greater diversity of terrain that makes it a better climbing destination for beginners.

Mount Rushmore Rock Climbing
Devils Tower Rock Climbing

Crag Days – A guided day of Devils Tower crack climbing….so many great routes, so little time.  You and your guide can explore at your level for 1 or multiple days.  For summit trips, check out our 2 or 3 day blitz packages below.

2 Day Devils Tower Summit Blitz– If you want to get onto the top with Sylvan Rocks, this is one option for you.  Great for people who have spent time at rock climbing gyms and have been climbing outdoors a little.  We like to spend our first day climbing together at Custer State Park then plan on an EARLY start at Devils Tower for your summit attempt.  (Suitable for people with no climbing experience if you enjoy a challenge and are willing to learn a lot in a short time and physically challenge yourself.)

3 Day Devils Tower Summit Blitz – Enjoy one of the best climbing summits in the world even if you have not climbed before.  We spend two 6 hour climbing days (usually at Custer State Park) and then begin early the third morning for your summit attempt.  (Suitable for people with no climbing experience if you enjoy a challenge and are willing to learn a lot in a short time and physically challenge yourself.)

Devils Tower is of cultural significance to many American Indian tribes. Out of respect for the Native American tribes, Sylvan Rocks encourages guests and all rock climbers to honor the voluntary June climbing closure and find other summits to enjoy during the month of June.  LEARN MORE

From church camps to scouts to corporate team building events held here in the Black Hills, climbing can be a great adventure for groups to try something new and exciting.

We can do anything from a morning of Discover Climbing top rope style course to a multi day “learn to climb” style course where we end up summiting multi pitch climbs in the Cathedral Spires.

These courses are geared towards and priced for groups of 14 or more participants. 

Ages 5 and up with adult participation.
All needed climbing gear included.
Recommended as an activity for early in your Black Hills visit.


Price varies depending on chosen adventure.

Call (605)484-7585 to set up a custom course.  Online booking not offered for group rates.

Youth Group climbing.
Palisades State Park Climbing

Palisades is a great place to get outdoors climbing on real rock!

At Palisades State Park we offer a version of our Discover Climbing Adventure as well as our 6 Hour Rock Day.  The Rock Day is geared towards giving you the skills to set up your own top ropes to climb on your own.

Palisades State Park is a great little place in the prairie to enjoy some rock climbing.  While it is not the world class destination that we have in the Black Hills or over at Devils Tower, the quartzite rock found there offers a unique climbing experience.


Palisades Prices:

Solo Discover Climbing
(only available if a course with open space is already scheduled)
Discover Climbing
(group of 2-3)
$90 per person
Discover Climbing
(group of 4-6)
$85 per person
6 Hour Rock Day Private$265
6 Hour Rock Day
(group of 2-4)
$175 per person