Testimonials and reviews our guest have shared over the years.

During our busy time of the year when we are too tired to think.   It’s good to reflect on how taking people rock climbing has made some people really happy.  Some guest even claim the experience changed their life.  Sylvan Rocks Climbing has great climbing guides who are passionate about what they do.

         TripAdvisor  is where most people post reviews these days, but I still even get a few hand written notes and many of these reviews were emailed to me over the years.  


 Hello!  The Schindlers would like to send a special thank you to our guide Chris for today’s amazing experience. As a 57 year old newbie along with my also 57 and wildly ambitious husband, we were probably a bit of a handful.  Chris was wonderful. He took the time to teach us the ropes rather than just doing everything for us.  He constantly checked in to see what we wanted, answered our questions, and encouraged our efforts.  We had a fabulous time.  Thank you Sylvan and especially Chris!  

The Schindlers       June 2019 



Just wanted to take the time to say Thanks Daryl. I had a wonderful Tower experience. Cheyenne was an excellent guide and got me exactly where I wanted to be. If time permits I would love to go climbing with him again later in the summer. Appreciate yours and his efforts. Look forward to climbing with you guys again.


Brent G    May 2019


rock climbing on Devils Tower
Climbing up Pseudo Weisner on Devils Tower in Wyoming.


Rock climber on top of Devils Tower
So, this is what it looks like on top of Devils Tower






Always awesome when you can impress teenagers.






Daryl, we had the time of our lives. I wrote reviews for yelp and TripAdvisor letting people know how great Sylvan Rocks is, can’t wait to climb with you again. Chris and Taylor were fantastic guides, please let them know how much we appreciated their expertise and good spirit!



July 16, 2017


Just wanted to drop a note and let you know that Nick was a great guide for our group of grandparents and two pre teen grandsons.  We had a great time.  Thanks so much!
Kim K
All of us loved it!!!   Thank you so extra much!   And yes, Vivian is very proud and Sebastian wants to come back tomorrow!
Sure, you can post any photos, just please don’t use names.  
You guys are the best!!

Thanks again,   Robin

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Hi Daryl,                                                           Aug, 1 2016
Apologies for the delay in responding. . the boys and I have just landed back in Singapore and getting organised with life once again!
I very heartfelt thank you to you, Jeff and Taylor for the AMAZING experience we had climbing with Sylvan Rocks. . .I always felt safe and that Jeff and Taylor were in control, comfortable, calm and knew what they were doing. . .I still can’t believe we were able to summit Devil’s Tower and am extremely grateful for the support and talent provided by Sylvan Rocks in this endeavor – this has left an ever lasting memory on myself and my family in so many ways.
Jeff/Taylor – I’m not totally organized yet, but once we are, I will send the photos from our climbs that I have. . .if you have any, please feel free to send those too!  🙂
Daryl – I will also gladly provide a review/recommendation for you guys. . again, when a bit more organized!
I hope all is well – you’re avoiding or participating in Sturgis, whichever way your heart takes you!
Thank you again!


Daryl:                                                   7-9-16
On behalf of all of my boys we want to thank you for an absolutely amazing day. Jeff was just an awesome guide – super knowledgeable yet safety first. 
As my 11 year old said “I have never been so scared yet feel like I did something so amazing.” Literally life changing experience for them.
Please thank Jeff again and I will post a review on our return.

God Bless.
David Anderson

Monte M with his scout troop.

It was an epic trip of a life time

We will write reviews and send photos over the next couple of days
Tony and Cheyenne are remarkable people!



Repeat Guest Steve and his daughter Alyssa:

Many thanks to you and Chris.  I thought last year’s trip would never be beat – most fun I have ever had – but, I think this year was even more fun!  Really glad we added an additional day!

You should be very proud to have Chris on your team – he is one exceptional climbing guide!  Once again we were totally impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and mastery of his craft.

It is both a pleasure and an honor to climb with him!

You guys rock!  Hope to see you again soon!


Thanks for the follow up! Agreed to everything my Dad said above…we had a wonderful time were more than impressed with Sylvan Rocks and especially Chris again this year. We will definitely be back!


June 12, 2014 – Elizabeth

My kids had a wonderful time! Thank you for what you do. you made our trip even more memorable!


July 29


Cheyenne was great. Very patient and always cheerful. Kept us safe at all times.

 Here are a couple of photos that you may want to use. Cheyenne has some on his camera too.

 Thanks for a great vacation adventure.

David Sypes

July 15 

Hey guys just a quick note from the farmers in Canada. Loved it ! Highlight of our trip south! ok well just for the guys . The girls… Baby bears. Ya hard to compete with babys ! We will give you a review and photos when we can.
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July 4 – Kari C
Yes, we had a great time. The kids were so proud of themselves and loved climbing. They are already making future plans to climb together!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!

June 21, 12

 A great big thanks to Lindsey and Chase – you were fantastic!!  Our 4 “Big Kids” (ages 21-24) had a great time climbing!  My husband and I had just as much fun watching!  We all highly recommend this adventure!!
The Wolf crew


June 9, 2012 – Darin and Laurel Schriever 

Thanks,  the boys had a marvelous time and are ready to do it again! 


June 3 – Neil Burri

I would like to thank you for the great day of climbing. We had an enjoyable day. Our guide Michael was very helpful and friendly.  We would like to pursue this a little further, and would like some advice on how we should go about this. I understand it will be a process.

Thank you again.



Thanks Daryl! Either Lindsay or I will be sure to post a review. You guys are awesome. Our guide was a total professional and equipped us with what we needed to be safe, have fun, and keep going higher. Had a great time.

I’ll post some of our photos to the facebook page so you can do with as you please.


My daughters (21 and 22) went climbing with Chris on Sun May 6th. 
They had an awesome time, both learned a lot and said they would be back to Sylvan Climbing. 
Thank you so much for helping make my daughters birthday one of her best yet! 

Wendy Elliott


Aug. 2 – Steve Mach

Spud was an awesome guide.

We accomplished everything we had sought to accomplish in terms of learning technique and getting in a few climbs. Mike was so thorough that My daughter and I had no fears .

We would like to move onto the spires on our next outing. I appreciate your professionalism and that of Mike (aka Spud)

I will try to post something on trip advisor soon.

Thanks Again for making our day special.


July – Lisa B

Hi Daryl!
My family had an awesome experience with your climbing school.  My girls  ( ages 8 and 10 ) loved it!  Attached are a few photos!


We had a great time.  It was the highlight of the trip.  The guys were great and we will pass your name along to friends and family.

I posted on Trip Advisor the same day we got home.

Best Wishes,



July 28, 2011 –  Steve V


Just wanted to send a quick email to tell you we had a great day with Chris. It really could not have been better. Chris was outstanding and covered all we wanted to do.

Good instruction on top roping and three great climbs.

We will be back out next July and hope to see you all again then.

The smile on our faces in these pictures show our pleasure.


July 23, 2011 – Kevin R. Whitney MD
Chris was awesome, very knowledgeable and focused on climbing.  It was a perfect experience to get Hunter back into the sport.  We are already looking for more climbing opportunities in our area.  Next trip west we will need to hook up with Sylvan  Rocks to climb Devil’s Tower.  You run a top rate organization with top rate guides.

Have a great day

July 22, 2011 – Lori Roberts

My husband and boys had a great time with Matt – everything they had hoped for – it was the first time for all of them!  Thanks for a great day.


21 July 2011

Hi Daryl

Thanks again for such a fun day.  You are an excellent teacher. Thank you for your patience.  We are sending a couple of pictures of Ty having a great time on the rocks. 

Gord, Rhonda, and Tyler

July 16, 2011 – Keith Kimbrell, M.D.

Dear Cheyenne,

    Sorry this response is late. I had to get my son to help me send a digital picture I took of you. I had a spectacular time. Thank you for all of your attention and instruction. Invaluable. I can’t wait to climb again. Please use me as a reference anytime. Come see me in Crossville, Tennessee anytime.

July 11, 2011 – Shela

Hi Daryl, Brent had a blast!  It really was a lot of fun for him and for us that were watching.  It has inspired us to look for opportunities for Brent to climb here so that one day when we are back he could do a really cool climb with you!

We do have pictures.  I will have my daughter upload soon.


July 7, 2011 – Cindy Gebauer

All the girls had a wonderful time when they climbed the first day with Chris.  He did an excellent job encouraging and challenging each of them.  Climbing was definitely the highlight of their vacation.  Elizabeth enjoyed the climbing so much she was excited to go out a second day with Cheyenne.  The weather wasn’t great but he provided quality climbing opportunities and ensured she had a safe and fun experience.  I think if we would have had more time she’d still be there climbing.  Always another challenge just around the corner!  Both guides did a great job and I would highly recommend Sylvan Rocks, Chris and Cheyenne!  If we get back out that way, we’ll certainly be in touch.  I believe the girls have added Devils Tower to their to do list.
Thank you again for a memorable experience!

6-23-2011 – Kristin, Mark, Spencer and Tanner

Sylvan Rocks Climbing,
I wanted to drop a note to say thanks for the rock climbing experience.  The guys all enjoyed themselves.  Thanks to Cheyenne and Chris for their extra patience with the boys.  They were extra supportive and helped Mark climb.  He is scared of heights!  Mark wanted to be able to say he did it.  Thanks Cheyenne for your help we enjoyed our time with you.  Their climbing experience has continued to be a topic of conversation since returning from vacation.

Thanks again!


6-27-2011 Adam

Thanks guys, the experience was the highlight of our trip! Keep doing what you do, hopefully we find our way back there agian! God Bless 🙂

rock climber

6-27-2011 – Jeff

Hi Daryl,

Thanks for the checkback.  I could not be more pleased with how Chris
conducted the climbs.  We did the 80′ and the 180′ climbs and my 12 year
old daughter volunteered to be first up and down on the 180 footer.  For
someone with no climbing experience at either of those heights, that is a
strong indication of how safe Chris made her (and the rest of us) feel
during the climbs.  I have no hesitation recommending Sylvan Rocks and
Chris to anyone interested in climbing.  He offered us excellent support
and instruction in recommending appropriately challenging climbs while
offering just the right amount of support and guidance.

On the way out to Yellowstone, we stopped at Devil’s Tower and I made an
idle promise to Gary that we should come back to climb it when I retire (in
two years or so).  After the climbs with Chris, the idle promise has moved
up to solid goal, and I will have no hesitation seeking the assistance of
Sylvan Rocks and Chris to make that a reality.

Best Regards,

6-22-2011  –  Rosemarie


Dear Daryl,

Thank you so much for your email.  Bryce had a fantastic time with Michael and Lindsay rock climbing at Sylvan Lake.  It was the highlight of his trip to the Black Hills!  He has had some rudimentary climbing at indoor venues but this is the first time that he had the opportunity to be challenged in a real setting outdoors.
I know he was very excited about doing this on his own and he told me that he learned how to ‘belay” (not sure if this is the right word or spelling) as previously he only auto-belayed at the indoor rock climbing venues.
Unfortunately, I don’t know if Bryce was able to take any photographs on his cell phone.  He did not have a camera with him and I imagine in the excitement of the moment he was too engrossed with the thrill of the climb to worry about photo moments.
My grandkids returned on Pensacola on Sunday and I am forwarding this message onto Bryce so that he can respond in his own words.
Many thanks for making all the arrangements so easy and for working with my daughter on the waiver and many thanks also for making this a very memorable time for my grandson!   Your help and assistance were very much appreciated.  I also need to add that you are a very congenial and nice person.  It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

5-27-2011 Joel

Daryl – I climbed with Cheyenne on Wed May 25th. Despite poor weather early on he made the day my best day of climbing ever! He pushed me and it was a great confidence builder. I will recommend your school to anyone interested in climbing. I will return as well!. Sincerely, Joel

Ians Best day ever – complete with drawings.
7-14-2010 – Will

Daryl  – We all had a good time and we definitely appreciate the experience and the patience with all of us.  I know the kids had a great time, even Taylor, especially after conquering that last climb.

Next time we are in the area, we will definitely give you a call again.
7/6/2010 – Adam

Daryl & Cheyenne,   
Thanks for hooking me up with a guide and awesome time while on my recent vacation to Custer State Park.
Cheyenne was an awesome guide! We hit up a few classics, a multi pitch and setup a top rope so I could try my hand a tougher route or two. For being his first season in the area, he was knowledgeable about the area and history of past climbers. I was very interested to learn about the various climbers that have put up the routes we climbed.
I would certainly recommend your services to friends visiting the area, and to ask if Cheyenne is available. 
Here’s a couple of photos & a video we took during the climbs.
Short video we took at the peak of Spire #2.


7/1/10 – Clifford

We did have a great time!!!  Wanted to says thanks myself now…I expect Madeline will help me write another more lengthy response tonight. We do have some unfinished business with Debbie.
Rock climbing with Sylvan is a “must do”…and how anyone can be any better than Archer I will never know…very encouraging and patient…do what you can to keep him on staff. If we come back up next year (which we are already discussing)  you guys are already on our list.    Thanks again!   Clifford

06/28/2010 – Curt

Daryl, Carly and I had a great time!  There is a stereotype out there that ski instructors, kayak instructors, and rafting guides all have some type of superiority complex and can make beginners feel like idiots whether its deserving or not.  I have experienced this on occasion myself.  For that reason, I was concerned that rock climbing instructors might fall into that camp as well.  However, Chris, Archer, and particularly our instructor Reggie were all great guys who were serious about safety but very easy going the rest of the time.  They answered our questions and were interested in hearing from some of the experienced climbers in our class. 
I will put something along these lines on Trip Advisor. 
Thanks for kindly setting me straight on the campfire regulations.  I lived in Denver for 5 years and remember always being allowed to have a fire in national forest lands as long as it was 200 feet from a trail or water.  I thought this applied to BHNF too.  However, it makes sense not to allow it here since we have much more fuel in the form of grass than Arapaho and Roosevelt NF.  Thanks again.

06/28/2010 – Chad
I very much enjoyed the day – Matt was great, so was the climbing, a very beautiful area.  Thanks! 
06/26/2010 – Tonya

Thank you so much!  We had a great time!  We did tons of stuff in South Dakota.
Helicopter ride, horseback riding, boating, tubing, swimming, hiking and everyone agreed today was their favorite day and rated it a 10.  Lindsey was awesome.  Fun and patient.  Thanks for waiting on us when we got lost.  We really appreciated it.

Thanks again,
June 20, 2011 – Anita

Daryl and Lindsay,
We are home now from our western road-trip (nearly 2000 miles from Denver and back, 5 National Parks, 7 hotels/cabins and no telling how many miles of hiking!!!). However, when I asked each grandchild what was their most favorite thing about the trip, they have all said it was the rock climbing class with Lindsay.
That morning when we arrived I was really worried that the weather just wasn’t going to cooperate and with our tight schedule I knew we couldn’t postpone to another day. The kids had been looking forward to the class ever since the day that I asked if they wanted to do it for their birthday present for the year (they all have birthdays in the spring and summer). I knew they would be very disappointed if they didn’t get the chance to try. Lindsay was a real trooper with the weather conditions and four inexperience kids. She was patient and informative, teaching them so much about climbing and rappelling. I felt that they safe under her watchful eye and trusted her to decide if the weather was just too bad to go on. I think she picked up on how much the kids were looking forward to it though and hung in there with them. Thanks soooo much Lindsay!
The rest of the trip every time the kids were around rocks they were climbing on rocks trying to find finger and foot holds (not high but sideways like she first taught them). Brandon used bought a book on rock climbing at a book store at one of our stops and read completely through it on the trip. I think he will one day continue to do rock climbing as a sport. Nathan faced and overcame his fear of heights that I think will last if watching him climb on rocks later and hike along some of the ledges is any indication.
I will go online and post a review and add some pictures once we get everything unpacked. If you finish the guide book you can just contact Wayne through this address. The company he works for prints anything from softbound to hardbound books and in small to large numbers.
Thanks again for making memories for my grandchildren that I know will last a lifetime.

June 14, 2011 – Kevin E

We all had a great time(even Logan enjoyed most of the day) and I think you made a future avid climber out of Elliot as he is already asking when we can do that again.
It was a great stress reliever for Chris and I and we will definitely give you the thumbs up review. If things work out we are looking at puting together a Devils tower or return trip to the park later this summer.
Thanks again and have a great season.


06/13/2010 – Phillip and Katherine

Hi Daryl,  Everything was great!  Katie and I had a wonderful time, please tell Archer that we thought everything was awesome.  “Pretty well” is definitely a understatement.  Katie still feels bad that she bailed on South Tower, so please extend her apologies to Archer. 
We did get some good photographs, let us go through them and if we have any up to snuff, we will share.
I loved the trailer, that was a great idea.  It saved us so much time not having to drive to Hill City. Good Job!  We may try to get back in the Fall,  but for sure next Spring. I hope to bring my daughter out on the next trip. Again, you guys are great, I am never disappointed coming out to South Dakota, we just love the area and the people.
We wish you the best, and will post comments. Thanks…
June 12, 2011 – Ben C
Yeh thanks for taking me out and i was fine with the being in the not so good weather gave me some experience in how to deal with wet slippery rock and yeh just gotta keep working on different apsects of becoming a good climber and learning the equipment hopefully i will be able to get out a good amount this summer as long as im not too busy

05/16/2010 – Ed
Thanks Daryl, I did enjoy the climbing, and learning to use the equipment I had not tried yet. Im still pretty giddy about the experience of getting out of the gym and a little higher in the air! I plan to climb (6 hour guide) with you guys again during the second half of June. I would like to see the Cathedral spires or the Needles but would be happy to explore other routes in the Outlets and Middle Earth as well. When you have time, if you could check with Chris I would love to hear what you would suggest for me for area/routes and progression. Chis did a good job. I appreciate his focus on safety. I will have a look at my schedule soon and try to coordinate with his schedule. If he is not available I would be happy to climb with you as well. Thanks again!
06/23/2010 Tim

Daryl,The Pea Ridge High School AP Biology Trip of a Lifetime was a complete success!   The kids truly had a great time and rock climbing with Sylvan Rocks Climbing School was truly a highlight.  Your 4 guides were great with our kids and after spending the day with them I am pretty sure that out of our 14 kids that 6 or 7 of them (maybe more) will be looking for rock climbing classes and clubs when they head off to college. 

It was a tremendous experience and I hope to bring my own family up to South Dakota in the future and when I do you can bet that we will be looking up Sylvan Rocks!
Thanks for all of your help in making our trip a memorable one,


09/11/2009 – SamKristy
Our family of four participated in the Sylvan Rock Climbing adventure at Sylvan Lake in SD this summer. While we did many activities in South Dakota (Devil’s Tower, Mt. Rushmore, a chuckwagon dinner, and more), this was, by far, the highlight of our trip. Our 6 year old enjoyed the “tower of death,” our fourteen year old and her dad had fun trying all of the climbs. Even I, who am afraid of heights, did two climbs and was proud of myself for making it to the top of each one. I highly recommend this as a memorable experience for any family. You don’t need to be athletic or have any experience… just a willingness to try something new.

09/10/2009 – Susan
My son (15) and I did the six hour excursion with Archer. He was a terrific instructor – very patient and supportive and yet encouraging when needed. I was hesitant about rock climbing – my son was more interested – but I felt really safe and was surprised I was actually able to do it. We started our vacation to the Black Hills with the rock climbing trip and it was definitely the right choice. My son loved it as did I and it was the highlight of our trip. We will definitely look up Sylvan Rocks again if we are in the area. Thanks!
09/08/2009 – Juan Pablo
We climbed with Daryl, a day of great fun a nd very pleasant and professional company. He made the trip the most important day of our stay in S.Dakota. After the Primal Quest experience we definetly needed a climbing experience with Sylvan Rockes climbing MASTER
09/06/2009 – Casey 
I climbed with Matt and was completely impressed. Have climbed with another larger rock climbing school and Sylvan Climbing matches up with anyone!!!!
09/04/2009 – Jessika
I would recommend Sylvan Rocks to anyone. My sister and I did a 6 hour day with Archer and it was one of the best things we did during our trip. I hope to tackle Devil’s Tower in the future!
09/01/2009 – Bob Ogle 
My 9 year old son and I took the 6 hr basic class…it was awesome. We joined the local rock gym as soon as we got back home. Archer was our guide for the day and he was outstanding. We’ll be back next year for sure.
08/28/2009 – The Goffs 
What a great experience – it MADE our trip! Our boys, ages 10 & 13, had a blast in the 1/2 day class with Lindsey and learned a lot. They can’t wait to come back and do the full day. Daryl went out of his way to fit us in at the last minute, and we’re so glad he did.
08/26/2009 – RatePoint Reviewer
Daryl was great company and a superb guide – we had a full days climbing and only wish we had more time with him.
08/25/2009 – David 
Daryl,Pete, and the other guide did a good job with a diverse group of climbers (age and experience). They are all very patient and had a great sense of humor. Sylvan rocks does a great job. Would highly recommend!
08/23/2009 – Traci
I did a 6hr climb with Archer, and it was awesome. I had such an amazing day, and I would recommend Sylvan Rocks to anyone. Thanks Archer.
08/16/2009 – Dan K
Safety is very important to me. Daryl did an excellent job of ensuring all had a safe positive experience as skills would allow. We are grateful for his expertise and compassion. Dan
07/26/2009 Paul F 
My wife, daughter and I took the 6 hour basic rocks course from Chris. This was the highlight of the whole 9 day vacation in the Black Hills. Climbing at Sylvan Lake was the best. We ran into Daryl and Archer at Devils Tower two days later and I wish we had the time to climb there also. A++ for Sylvan Rocks. I will be back.
07/26/2009 Charlie
I attended an introductory climbing adventure with a fitness center group. The instruction was excellent. Conditions were safe and pleasant. I hope to come back next year and do it all again
07/24/2009 – Caroline 
By FAR the best thing I did during my 3 months in the Black Hills! The guides with Sylvan Rocks are fantastic. 3 of us went with Chris (and 2 tagged along to watch and photograph), and we had a GREAT time. He did a wonderful job of matching the 6 hour tour to our abilities and expectations, while teaching and challenging us all. SO MUCH FUN! Worth every penny and every sore muscle!
07/23/2009 – tommy
My 17 year old son and I had the time of our lives. It was the highlight of our vacation to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Andy, our instructor was awesome. He was super patient and super safe. I truly never dreamed that by days end my son and I would climb a 200 foot tall spire. I would recommend Sylvan Rock to anyone and everyone.
07/21/2009 – Diane V
My 20-year younger brother and I, who will soon turn 66 y/o, went rock climbing and rapelling with Lindsay on Sunday, 21 July. Our motivation was to snap some photos for Facebook of an “extreme” vacation. Undaunted by my age and severe lack of physical prowess, Lindsay bravely took us on and taught us the basics sufficient to provide a memorable experience and laughs for a lifetime. Lindsay embodied all the traits you would hope for in an instructor — patience, compassion, encouragement, experience and expertise and above all, safety consciousness. Thanks and special kudos to Lindsay!!
07/15/2009 – Seth Hawkins 
I scheduled a last-minute lesson (day before) for my 6- and 9-year-old. Despite the logistical difficulties of such short notice, Daryl was accomodating and wonderful to work with in scheduling an appropriate class. Chris, our guide, was fantastic with the kids. I have seen many guides/instructors who have trouble adapting to younger children and was delighted to see how well Sylvan Rocks caters to this age group. Our experience was perfect from start to finish. I have climbed all over the country and was amazed at the climbing opportunities in SD — truly world-class — and at the quality of Sylvan Rocks’ program. I would be excited to bring my children back again and would enthusiastically recommend SD in general and certainly Sylvan Rocks in particular for parents looking to introduce their kids to climbing.
07/15/2009 – Matt Johnson
I had a great time going up the tower over the weekend. Top notch guide service all the way. Thanks again Chris!
06/24/2009 –  J. Kruse 
My family was out in the hills for a family reunion. Four of us went rock climbing with Daryl and had an amazing time. Next time we will need to take the rest of the family. We had the time of our lives and my 14 y/o nephew talked about it nonstop for the rest of the day!!! Daryl taught us with lots of patience and lots of humor. He is an excellent teacher – we learned things without even realizing that we were being taught. We had so much fun while maintaining safety as a priority! I’ve done some climbing before, but I learned lots of new tips and tricks and came home a better climber than I started. These will be memories that will last a lifetime. My only regret is that we only had the morning to climb, not the whole day. I would highly recommend this for anyone with a sense of adventure who wants to have an amazing time. The views from the top are the best! Thanks!
06/03/2009 – Bob 
Hey Daryl, I had an awesome time Saturday. Chris was a great guide. He prompt me to finish what i started in a suttle way, and i completed every climb he suggested,with a few struggles on riddle lol. Chris said i should check out Granite sports. I did and bought my own shoes,harness, and belay(sp). I’m really looking forward to my next climb. be contacting you soon.
05/12/2009 – Libby Burkhart
The staff at Sylvan Rocks is outstanding. Patient, caring, professional and above all safety minded. I enjoyed every minute and never once felt unsafe.
04/27/2009 – Mark Orsag 
These guys are awesome! Whether you are just starting out or already have some outdoor or gym experience, they will find the right routes and methods for you!
04/27/2009 – Hannah 
We used Sylvan Rocks to take a group of children ages 9-12 climbing. They were fabulous! The guides were great about showing the kids a few key climbing techniques, then let them get comfortable on the rock near the ground before putting them on ropes. They were very encouraging to all of the kids no matter how high they went or how many climbs they did
04/26/2009 Jeanne 
Sylvan coordinated a rock climb for my family at Palisades State Park near Sioux Falls last July, and I have to say it was one of the highlights of our trip to South Dakota!!! My boys, ages 10 and 12, had a blast! Everyone I talked to/worked with at Sylvan was friendly and professional. I would recommend this for anyone looking for something a little different, adventurous and fun!

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