Granite Sports Outdoor Shop in Hill City, SD.

Granite Sports has long been the best outdoor and climbing gear shop in the Black Hills of SD. It was started by Susan S, who also started Sylvan Rocks Climbing School back in 1989. Granite Sports was established in 1989 near the legendary Continental Cafe. Home of the $1 pancake. That pancake fueled many rock climbing adventures.

When I first visited the Black Hills and Granite Sports at its original location things were lots different then they are now.

Granite Sports is now at 201 Main Street next to the Alpine Inn which is famous for their steaks. Steaks are the only option on the evening menu of the Alpine Inn. Your choice is simply ‘big’ or ‘small’ and the prices are reasonable. Many people step across to Granite Sports while waiting for a table at the most popular restaurant in town.

Inside Granite Sports you will find a great variety of outdoor clothing ranging from trail running shoes to summer dresses, backpacks and climbing gear. It is very charming and welcoming. The inventory is changed up often from season to season and the staff has great insight as to the best places to go hike the trails in the Black Hills. They can also set you up with info on where to climb at Mount Rushmore Climbing Area or the Needles of Custer State Park. The do not rent bikes, but they are are knowledgable about where to go enjoy a Trek on the Mickelson Trail if you are touring with your bike. About the only thing they don’t have for outdoor gear in Granite Sports is fishing equipment. Their shoe and hiking boot collection is as big as any in the area.

Getting fitted for a backpack and trying on shoes and boots before you buy them is one of the great reasons to visit Granite Sports. Trail runners from all over stop in for fitting and advice on the right shoes.

If you arrive in the Black Hills on vacation and need an extra layer of clothing or a Gortex raincoat, or forgot your chalk bag at home, Granite Sports is the place to stop. They also have the areas best selection of climbing guidebooks. Just be warned, there will be something awesome in the shop that you did not know you needed till you see it. The “Clearance Cave” is down in the basement and always has closeouts and bargains. If you are heading to Devils Tower and need an extra set of stoppers or a number 2 Black Diamond Cam, they usually have a good stock to get you what you need to get up to the top.

Many items can be ordered online if you want something before you arrive to the area. Its a great way to “shop Local” and support a great ma and pa gear shop. There seem to be fewer and fewer of them every year.

For many years Granite Sports was the meeting place and headquarters for Sylvan Rocks Climbing School. You can still stop by and the Granite Sports staff will fill you in on how to sign up, but Sylvan Rocks Climbing School now lives in the South Dakota Outdoor Shop in Custer SD.