6 Hour Guided Rock Day

6 Hour Rock Day: A private day of rock climbing catered to your level.

Exactly what we do in this course is up to you.  No prior climbing experience is needed and all climbing gear is supplied.

Rock climbing in Custer State Park
Rock climbing in Custer State Park

If you want to just climb like crazy and bag the maximum amount of summits, we can do that.

If you want to spend your time learning how to build climbing anchors using traditional climbing gear, we can do that.

For Beginners and Families:  Six hours is a perfect first rock climbing experience.  We introduce basic skills needed to climb with a guide and enjoy routes at your level.

For Experienced Climbers:  Six hours is a great way to taste the the best rock climbing the Black Hills has to offer.  From the Cathedral Spires to a day at Mount Rushmore, the options are limitless.

Our guides will meet you and get set up with all the needed climbing equipment while chatting about what you hope to get out of the day.  We most often hike to the rocks from there.  If you have climbed before and know the basics, we may head straight to some larger objectives.   If you are trying rock climbing for the first time we start with some top rope climbing (similar to what you may have seen at a rock climbing gym where the rope goes up to an anchor and back down to the ground)  to learn about how the equipment works.  Then we’ll seek out a summit or 2 and rappel back to the ground with awesome memories and photos.

Custer State Park is our primary venue for this course.  We sometimes do courses at Mount Rushmore as a second day on the rocks, and can also do instructional courses at Palisades State Park for those specifically looking to learn how to set up Top Ropes on their own.


  • One person – $300
  • Group of 2 – $198 per person
  • Group of 3 – $185 per person
  • Group of 4 – $170 per person
  • Group of 5 – $185 per person (2 Guides – cannot book online, must call)

Group of 6 – $176 per person (2 Guides – cannot book online, must call)

Call (605)484-7585 to set up your adventure, or click on the BOOK Your Adventure Now button above.

With an adult participating, we welcome ages 5 and up.
If you have been climbing before (in a gym or outdoors) or are looking to try rappelling and want to learn more climbing skills, then perhaps a private 6 Hour Rock Day is better suited to you than the Discover Climbing Adventure.

6 Hour Rock Day vs Discover Climbing Adventure

When folks are planning their Black Hills vacations, we get a lot of emails asking who the 6 Hour Rock Day is suitable for or which Sylvan Rocks course is the best activity for their Mount Rushmore visit.

Simply put, Discover Climbing gets you out on the rocks whereas the 6 Hour Rock Day goes a step farther giving us more time to reach more summits and use the skills we learn to rappel off.

The 2 main differences in the courses are time and private vs group course.
1.  The Discover Course takes only 3-4 hours and is limited to Top Rope Climbing.  The 6 hour Rock Day takes, you guessed it, 6 hours, and you typically end up following your guide up more climbs and you learn more about the equipment we use.

2.  Group vs private – Discover Climbing Adventure is a group course so you will usually be out with other people.  With a 6 Hour Climbing Day,  it’s only your crew and your instructor out climbing at your level.

    • Both DC and the 6 Hour Rock Day are great for beginners.
    • In some ways, for the total beginner a private 6 Hour Rock Day may even be better than the Discover Climbing Adventure since we have more time to spend with just you and are able to better customize things than in the group course.
    • Discover Climbing is our top rope group climbing course, and a perfect intro.  It’s tons of fun for people with limited time or experience, but who still want to go rock climbing in the Black Hills.
    • 6 Hour Rock Day is totally personalized, and gives us enough time to climb more great summits in Custer State Park.  Beyond top rope climbing, your guide will lead up then you follow and remove all the climbing gear on your way to the summit.  After taking in the view, and grabbing a great photo or 2, we rappel back to terra firma.  We climb with ages 5 and up as long as there is an adult participating in the course.
    • If you’d like to explore even more Black Hills summits or simply want a leisurely pace, you can sign up for an 8 Hour Guide Day or multiple days, and we will just keep climbing at your ability and teaching you what you want to learn.  We have lots of options for every level of adventure seeker.  We may even guide you to places you’ve never dreamt of going!  If you are looking to climb at Mount Rushmore we can do that, however the terrain there is often not as well-suited for beginner climbers compared to the Needles of Custer State Park.  For that reason our Mount Rushmore trips are usually guided climbing days with repeat or multi-day guests.