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Geology and how Devils Tower was formed.

How was Devils Tower formed?  What is the Geology of Devils Tower?    When you are driving across north eastern Wyoming and Devils Tower pops into view it is hard not to be struck by awe.  Most people who see it are drawn closer and can’t help but want to climb it.  Several American Indian tribes have legends about the formation of Devils Tower and you can …

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Legend of Devils Tower

As told to Dick Stone by the Cheyenne warrior,  Medicine Top, who had learned it long ago from his father Before beginning the story in the large council tipi on July 21, 1933, Medicine Top prayed to the Great Spirit to look down upon him so that he would speak straight and true.  In telling this sacred legend the Indians were very cautious since punishment might result …

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What is it like on the top of Devils Tower?

If you’ve never been on top of Devils Tower you are probably wondering what it’s like up there.  Over the years climbers have come up with many creative tall tales to tell tourists when asked what is on top –  a crystal blue water lake, an elevator shaft up the middle that they took down, an ice cream shop, McDonalds, a skinny gentleman with billowing white chest …

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What does it cost to climb Devils Tower?

So…if you want to hire a guide to climb Devils Tower dressed as Uncle Sam that will probably cost extra.  Most guide companies including us have prices posted on our websites and those prices change with the seasons to account for cost such as permit fees, travel, guide welfare, training and feeding, and of course a big one in America…insurance.  In general round numbers, you can plan …

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Testimonials and reviews our guest have shared over the years.

During our busy time of the year when we are too tired to think.   It’s good to reflect on how taking people rock climbing has made some people really happy.  Some guest even claim the experience changed their life.  Sylvan Rocks Climbing has great climbing guides who are passionate about what they do.          TripAdvisor  is where most people post reviews these days, …

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