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Blue Bell Lodge Review

The Blue Bell Lodge This is the place to stay if going horseback riding is on your Black Hills vacation agenda.  Custer State Park trail rides operates near the lodge and will take you through some of the most beautiful areas in the park on their horseback rides.  There are chuckwagon dinners and cowboy entertainment to keep the whole family entertained (and fed) after a day of …

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Legend of Devils Tower

As told to Dick Stone by the Cheyenne warrior,  Medicine Top, who had learned it long ago from his father Before beginning the story in the large council tipi on July 21, 1933, Medicine Top prayed to the Great Spirit to look down upon him so that he would speak straight and true.  In telling this sacred legend the Indians were very cautious since punishment might result …

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What is it like on the top of Devils Tower?

If you’ve never been on top of Devils Tower you are probably wondering what it’s like up there.  Over the years climbers have come up with many creative tall tales to tell tourists when asked what is on top –  a crystal blue water lake, an elevator shaft up the middle that they took down, an ice cream shop, McDonalds, a skinny gentleman with billowing white chest …

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What does it cost to climb Devils Tower?

So…if you want to hire a guide to climb Devils Tower dressed as Uncle Sam that will probably cost extra.  Most guide companies including us have prices posted on our websites and those prices change with the seasons to account for cost such as permit fees, travel, guide welfare, training and feeding, and of course a big one in America…insurance.  In general round numbers, you can plan …

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New Website for Sylvan Rocks Climbing!!

In 2006 Cheryl and I became the 3rd owners of Sylvan Rocks Climbing School and Guide Service.  Seems like yesterday…seems like forever ago.  This will be our 3rd website rebuild since then.  Technology changes and so does Sylvan Rocks Climbing.   Not nearly as fast though.  Our programs have changed only slightly since 2006, but my cell phone has changed pretty dramatically.  We have simplified the offerings …

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Walter Ego and Dirt biking in the desert.

Normally people think of me as some slacker climber, but when Walter Ego is in the house…things are…. well…things seem different.  A:  There is usually an Air Guitar party scheduled or B:  It’s time to go dirt bike riding.   Dirt biking has become my latest reason for waking up in the morning.  Recently loaded up the minivan with the dirt bike and headed to Utah to …

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Testimonials and reviews our guest have shared over the years.

During our busy time of the year when we are too tired to think.   It’s good to reflect on how taking people rock climbing has made some people really happy.  Some guest even claim the experience changed their life.  Sylvan Rocks Climbing has great climbing guides who are passionate about what they do.          TripAdvisor  is where most people post reviews these days, …

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Belay device review

Belay – Rappel Device Review So you are in the market for a new Belay – Rappel Device for your next climbing trip? These little peices of steel and aluminum are essential and important pieces of climbing gear. They allow us to safely transfer the load of a falling climber to our harness, and catch them with little effort. The friction developed by these devices is amazing, …

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The first climbing bums, Jan and Herb Conn

Hollis Marriot, also known as the Last Pioneer Woman, wrote up a beautiful tribute after Herb Conns death.  Check it out and enjoy all the photos.  Check it out here.   I think she is correct in calling them the original rock climbing bums, and I’m so glad we all had their footsteps to follow in.  Their simple lifestyle will inspire me forever.   Hollis’s story and photos made me …

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