Curt riding

Walter Ego and Dirt biking in the desert.

Normally people think of me as some slacker climber, but when Walter Ego is in the house…things are…. well…things seem different.  A:  There is usually an Air Guitar party scheduled or B:  It’s time to go dirt bike riding.   Dirt biking has become my latest reason for waking up in the morning.  Recently loaded up the minivan with the dirt bike and headed to Utah to …

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Testimonials and reviews our guest have shared over the years.

During our busy time of the year when we are too tired to think.   It’s good to reflect on how taking people rock climbing has made some people really happy.  Some guest even claim the experience changed their life.  Sylvan Rocks Climbing has great climbing guides who are passionate about what they do.          TripAdvisor  is where most people post reviews these days, …

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Belay device review

Belay – Rappel Device Review So you are in the market for a new Belay – Rappel Device for your next climbing trip? These little peices of steel and aluminum are essential and important pieces of climbing gear. They allow us to safely transfer the load of a falling climber to our harness, and catch them with little effort. The friction developed by these devices is amazing, …

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Jan and Herb Conn holding hands photo

The first climbing bums, Jan and Herb Conn

Hollis Marriot, also known as the Last Pioneer Woman, wrote up a beautiful tribute after Herb Conns death.  Check it out and enjoy all the photos.  Check it out here.   I think she is correct in calling them the original rock climbing bums, and I’m so glad we all had their footsteps to follow in.  Their simple lifestyle will inspire me forever.   Hollis’s story and photos made me …

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Herb Conn dies at 91

A hero to many of us, Herb Conn has climbed his last rock climbing route and explored his last caving lead. On Feb. 1, 2012 he died from natural causes (probably prostate cancer) in his home near Custer, SD. His smile and spark were strong to the end. His giggle was something to inspire us all. There are few men that combine the humble toughness his achievements …

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