Black Hills Ice Skating – lakes, creeks, canyons

Many of you know that Ice Skating in high on my list of fun things to do here in the Black Hills of  South Dakota during the winter months.  I am not talking about the vanilla style of skating on the likes of some indoor ice rink in Rapid City.  I love skating on wild ice.  The skating I like to do with my friends takes place on the lakes and streams of the Black Hills.  Skating across the plains down the Cheyenne River is a glorious freedom that takes one across an amazing landscape at just the right speed.  Ice skating with my friend Mike Ray, as captured in the video below, is a real hoot.  Mike is good people, and there are lots of creeks we have skated together and I look forward to the next time mother nature gives us the right conditions to freeze things up for a skating adventure.

As for now.  We have a nice rink shoveled off out on Legion Lake in Custer State Park.  We are hoping that this year is the beginning of great things to come, and that we can re-create this rink, but it is lots of work to keep the snow off and the ice smooth enough for skating.

Regardless, skating indoors or out on a mountain lake offers a freedom that nothing else compares with.  Gliding on smooth ice is rad.